Who is AMA?

A sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector driven by effective marketing regulatory services by 2030.


AMA is mandated with the overall regulation of the production, marketing and processing of agricultural products in Zimbabwe. The overall functions of the authority stipulated in the Act are:

  • To regulate the participation in the production, buying or processing of any agricultural product by producers, buyers or processors or classes of producers, buyers or processors of any agricultural product upon such terms and conditions, including, as appropriate the fixing of quotas, as may be prescribed.

  • To promote the proper marketing and fair pricing of any agricultural product produced by any producer, including producers in the communal and resettlement areas, who the authority considers needs its assistance.

  • To properly co-ordinate its operations with those of any statutory body charged with the regulation and marketing of any agricultural product to ensure that the operations of any such statutory body accord with the purposes of the Authority and all times to act in the economic interests of all the parties concerned and in the national interest.

  • To promote contract farming of strategic crops.

  • To promote the efficient administration of the marketing of any agricultural product, whether on local or export markets, at all times keeping abreast of local and international market demand and trends.

  • To advice the Minister on the formulation of national policies in the regulation of the marketing of any agricultural product.

  • To review annually the general economic condition and prospects of the agricultural industry and, in particular, the marketing of agricultural products.

  • Generally to advise the Minister on all matters connected with prices of any agricultural product, including long term prices, marketing guarantees and subsidies, and, in particular, to make recommendations of the proper co-ordination of such prices and pricing policies among all producers, buyers and statutory bodies involved in the marketing of agricultural products.

  • To investigate or cause to be investigated agricultural marketing conditions in general or conditions relating to any particular agricultural product ruling on any market, whether within or outside Zimbabwe.

  • Where so directed by the Minister, with the approval of the Minister responsible for Finance, to borrow such moneys as may be required by any marketing board for its working capital and to lend such moneys to the Authority concerned.

  • To advice whether the marketing of any other agricultural product should be regulated by a statutory body under a separate regulatory Act.

  • To advise the Minister on the imposition or suspension of levies in terms of the Act, to review such levies and to recommend the manner in which the moneys of the Fund are to be applied.

  • To require the furnishing of returns and supply of information by producers, processors, buyers and marketing boards from which the Authority shall compile vital statistics relating to agricultural products for the proper exercise by the Authority of its powers of regulation and supervision.

  • To carry out such further functions as may be required of the Authority.


A sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector driven by effective marketing regulatory services by 2030..

Our Mission

To provide a conducive regulatory environment for sustainable marketing and production of agricultural products.

Corporate Values

  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • innovativenes