Registration of Cotton Contractor

    Details of contractual arrangements between Contractor and growers:

    Do you intend to export any of the lint or seed processed by you? YES/NO

    • Attach Company Profile, Memorandum and Articles of Association (first registration) and Tax /levy obligations certificates (renewals).
    • I confirm that the company agrees to operate within and be bound by the provisions of SI 142 of 2010 and SI 63 of 2011 (as amended from time to time) and more specifically shall:
      • - operate from AMA designated and approved Common Input Distribution Points (CIDP) and Common Buying Points ( CBP),

        - Sign MOU spelling out the approved minimum input package, advise & display input price list and pre-planting seed cotton price list during the input distribution and seed cotton buying periods at appropriate places accessible by farmers within CIDP and CBP, respectively.

        - Put in place adequate experts to support production and buying of seed cotton from farmers,

        - attend meetings and timely submit information and returns in line with the regulations,

        - Timeosly distribute inputs and support a minimum of 250 ha per CIDP.

      I declare that the information provided in this Form is true and understand that any misrepresentation of facts is an offence under section 22(c) of the regulations.

      Upload CR6

      Upload CR14 pages 1 & 2

      Upload Valid Tax Clearance Document

      Upload Certificate of Incorporation

      Signed M O U on input package