Rainfall And Its Impact On The 2020 Season - Wheat Production

    1.0 Weather

    1.1 Rains

      The 2019/20 season erratic and below average normal rains pre-mutually ended, adversely affecting maturity of late planted crops and filling up of farm dams and flowing of seasonal rivers and streams. The low dam levels, drying of rivers and streams is anticipated to undermine wheat and horticulture irrigation activities, grazing and watering of livestock from August-October 2020. AMA is promoting stocking of stover and rehabilitation of boreholes in low rainfall and arid regions of the country.

      1.2 Temperatures

      The low temperatures being experienced are conducive for the wheat crop to develop tillers. However, it poses high risk of frost bites to a wide range of horticulture crops. Protection through physical barriers or shields or watering is recommended. Livestock farmers are advised to keep animals under warm conditions to minimize loss of body conditions associated with diversion of energy toward generating heat.

      2.0 Wheat

      3.0 Contract Farming

      3.1 First Tranche Cotton Input Support

      3.2 Second Tranche Cotton Input Support

      3.0 Conclusion

      a) A stimulus production support facility is recommended to capacitate farmers under the prevailing macro-economic conditions that have decimated individual, institutional and corporate farming entities,

      b) The adverse impact of the just ended erratic rains has been compounded by COVID 19 affecting the regional and global input markets,

      c) The short-term mitigation measures by Government, Private Sector and NGOs to finance horticulture inputs, supplementary livestock feeds and water supplies will alleviate food and nutrition insecurity and livestock deaths,

      d) A stakeholder consultative process on state of preparedness for the 2020/21 season is being organized,

      e) As such AMA - CBZ Bank and Agribank’s Z$ 100 million Agro Bill stimulus funding for 2020-21 season is under consideration by relevant authorities.