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  • Horticulture
    Horticulture is a potential cash-cow for local
    farmers as well as a low hanging fruit in terms of foreign
    currency generation if done thoroughly. Find Out More...
  • Cotton
    Of key importance in cotton production is the ability
    to convert available resources (which are limited in most cases)
    into a high yielding and good quality product.
    Yield itself is determined by two distinct aspects, factors
    that is number of bolls and the weight of the boll.
    In order to achieve this, a grower needs to emphasis on
    that are conducive in achieving the two distinct aspects. Find Out More...
  • Macadamia Season
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Find out more... To provide a conducive regulatory environment for sustainable marketing and production of agricultural products...

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    The Authority administers a number of statutory instruments (S.I.) in an effort to provide a framework for efficient production and marketing of agricultural products namely:

  • SI. 142 (2009) and S.I. 63 (2011) – These regulate and provide the framework for contract production, marketing and standards of classification and quality of seed cotton and seed cotton products.
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    The audited financial results for the authority can be downloaded below.

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Commodity (09/02/2021) Mutare (09/02/2021) Harare Commodity (09/02/2021) Mutare (09/02/2021) Harare
Potatoes (large) (ZWL$/kg) 47 67 Tomatoes (ZWL$/kg) 67 68
Fresh Onions (ZWL$/Bunch) 25 - Dried Onions (ZWL$/kg) 60 50
Broccoli (ZWL$/head) 100 100 Cabbages - white (ZWL$/head) 30 60
Covo (ZWL$/Large Bundle) 300 350 Sweet Potatoes (ZWL$/kg) 38 35
Carrots (ZWL$/bundle) 167 150 Okra (ZWL$/5l tin) 350 400
Lettuce(ZWL$/head) 45 100 Ginger (ZWL$/kg) 300 300
Garlic(ZWL$/kg) 150 400 Water Melon (ZWL$/kg) 150 200
Mopani Worm (ZWL$20l Bucket) 3200 3300 Butternut (ZWL/ kg) 40 50
News & Updates
  • 2020 Seed Cotton Marketing Season
  • Economic And Agro Input Monitor As At 5 June 2020
  • Rainfall And Its Impact On The 2020 Season - Wheat Production
  • AMA Cotton Trainee Grader Programme

The 2020 Seed Cotton Marketing season commenced on the 3rd of June 2020. The floor producer price announced by the Government is ZWL$43.94/Kg. read more...

The 2020 second quarter saw the projected growth targets of 3% being further reviewed to -9.2% due to constrained fiscal space read more...

The 2019/20 season erratic and below average normal rains pre-mutually ended, adversely affecting maturity of late planted crops and filling up of farm dams read more...

In pursuit with the promotion of high quality seed cotton standards, AMA embarked on a three year Seed Cotton Graders training program in 2017 ... read more...