Horticulture is a potential cash-cow for local farmers as well as a low hanging fruit in terms of foreign currency generation if done thoroughly.

    Key facts about Horticulture in Zimbabwe:

    • It can be done throughout the whole year.
    • The maturity period for most horticultural crops range from 30 days to 160 days save for mushrooms.
    • There are a lot of untapped gaps in the export market for horticultural crops for instance the flower market.
    • At its peak period the Horticultural sector contributed around 5% of the country’s GDP.
    • The categories range from mushrooms, vegetables, legumes, green mealies, peppers and fruits to mention just a few.
    • It is important to do market research before venturing into horticulture because a good crop does not translate into instant profit.
    • Trend analysis is also a necessity to take note of peak demand periods for planning.
    • Horticulture can be done intensively and reap big rewards.
    • Value addition can result in farmers reaping more handsome rewards than those realised by selling raw produce.